Recent Customer Review


Hello Brittany,

I was in the middle of writing the review and had to answer the phone so I haven’t completed the review yet.  I’ve been a dispatcher for a majority of the years I’ve worked. I’ve worked at vehicle storage facilities in Houston and Austin. In fact, I worked at the storage lot located at 2905 Howard Ln from 2006 to 2009. I know how “balls to walls” it can be at times. In my experience, some people feel that tow company employees are heartless, no good, chasing the buck kind of folks. Now there are a few tow companies/drivers that fit that description.  Eagle Towing is not one of them. You guys are awesome.

The review I’m going to write will be something like this….

This morning, one of our company work vans broke down on IH35. I called a few towing companies and was given different reasons as to why they couldn’t help us out. I finally made the right call to Eagle Towing and Woody answered.  When I got done explaining what we needed, Woody said no problem; we can handle it, without hesitation. He said let’s get Gaelynn  (spelling may not be correct) on the phone to get your information. Gaelynn was such a joy to speak with, despite the fact that her morning wasn’t going smoothly. I gave her all the information and a tow truck was on site within minutes. Our tech told me that the tow truck driver was courteous and kind. Come to find out that the driver was Woody. I called Eagle towing at 9:08 am and they completed the tow at 9:54 am. In less than an hour they took care of us. I called them later in the afternoon to get a copy of the receipt. Brittany answered and emailed the receipt to us right away. I would give Eagle Towing 10 stars if I could. Eagle Towing exceeded our expectations. Great Customer Service!  I can’t thank you guys enough!  I’ll be telling everyone I know to call Eagle Towing if ever they need to have a vehicle towed.

Many Blessings,

Shawn Perry

Administrative Assistant
Alpha Mechanical Services

Pflugerville, TX